Fun local cruises

Fun local cruises

Fun local cruises are a good way to enjoy the river at a very affordable rate. We have offered Pirate Birthday Party cruises for some time but these require a minimum of ten passengers. By popular demand, we are offering a Public Pirate Cruise on Saturday, 28 June sailing at 10:00 a.m. from 300 Neyland Drive in Knoxville, TN. These are our same exciting, entertaining and educational pirate cruises aboard the QUEENS REVENGE. You will learn the real history of pirates and carry home a copy of Captain Greybeard’s booklet “Pirates and Privateers”. Quartermaster and Surgeon Anne Bonney will be offering free amputations with her famous bloody hacksaw. There will be instructional weapons training on our four pound replica cannon followed by an attack on the GREAT ALLEN (CalhounS patio). Unfortunately the only food available will be hardtack and bone soup and we are all out of Rum. You will get a copy of the Pirate Code of Conduct signed by all crew as “Ye go on account” and a share of the captured booty. For only $25 you get out on the river and enjoy a fun filled 90 minute pirate cruise.


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