Ocean Vs River Cruising

Ocean Vs River Cruising

Cruises are certainly enjoyable. They get you away from home and let you relax and enjoy life in a different environment. There are considerable differences in what you get on each type cruise. Meals and lodging are provided on both and various vessel and shore activities are offered by others at additional expense.


On an ocean cruise, while moving, there is generally only water to look at from the vessel. You may be at sea with no land in site for one or two days at a time. On river cruises there is always something to look at as the river banks glide by. Some river cruises travel primarily at night and offer shore excursions at additional cost during the day.


Our NavCal River Rides cruises travel during daylight hours so you can see all the many wonderful sights along the river. We provide you a list of interesting sites and a river chart to help you see all there is to see at no additional cost. We overnight on land where you are free do whatever you like. On our cruises, there are no additional expenses for daytime shore excursions. Your only additional expense is dinner Saturday night, ashore,  since this is a meal of your choice.


River cruising gives you more to see and our format is much less expensive.


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